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Bara Skandinavisk män hatar kortare kvinnor

2019.05.27 22:42 Puttosleep Bara Skandinavisk män hatar kortare kvinnor

Här diskuterades hur långa kvinnor är överlägsen enligt män. Vissa killar tror att det är en världsomspännande uppfattning att "alla män" i världen vill ha långa kvinnor. Men det är inte.
Företräde för långa kvinnor är MYCKET STARKARE i Sverige jämfört med Storbritannien. Om du tittar på en studie gjord i Storbritannien
Genomsnittlig kille i Storbritannien föredrar kvinnor som bara är 5 cm längre än genomsnittet men inte långre än dom själva. Om Sverige var som dem, skulle den mest föredragna längden enligt män vara omkring 170-175 cm. Men den mest föredragna längden enligt män är 180cm här. Det betyder att svenska män favoriserar långa kvinnor mer än andra killar.
Det finns en diskussion i GAG. En kille (Svensk) skriver en artikel om hur alla män vill ha långa kvinnor och hatar korta kvinnor. Vissa tjejer från USA skriver honom följande:
" ralization and narrow perspective.
After reading your my take, the first think I did was looking into your profile to see which country you live in.
And I saw you live in Sweden. That makes sense then.
What a coincidence that all girls complain about being short and suffering in dating life were from either Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland. I have never seen a girl complaining about being short (at least if she is not very short. Equally very tall because in our culture being too tall is also a negative).
We can see here that tall girls is "a thing" in Nordic culture because many people from here alsa said excatly the same things you said. However, this mytake is done for "Nordics perspective" and I dont think people in United Stated agree with that.
You have born and raised in a culture where all men talk about how tall women are superior, girls do leg lenghtening surgeries for increasing their attractiveness, short girls are bashed in twitter and dating sites... so you learned that girls must be tall. It is normal for you to think that a guy can't love a short girls because your perspective is formed by the culture you live in. Maybe common trend in there influenced your preference too but you think it is impossible for a guy to love a short girl because it is the case in Scandinavia. Same as American women do for short men.
I dont cricitize the cultural preferences regarding of beauty, white skin thing Korea and tall height in Sweden... But I cricitize your myTske because you claimed "all men" think so. No, Swedish men are not "all men." You just dont understand that short girls dont commit suicide, cry every night because of not being 5'11" or save money for leg lenghtening surgery in the rest of the World, at least in US and UK.
You may think American men are less manly because they want shorter women (yes it is the case, they prefer women SHORTER THAN THEMSELVES. Not necessarily shorter than average but maximum their height), or they may say that you Scandinavian men are less manly because you want taller women. Neither of you have right. Just accept that our culture is different."
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2012.11.05 19:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Garbage engineer from Sweden ask me anything!

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In your opinion, what is holding back other countries from adopting this technique? Having the goals set by a municipality that has control over the entire process so there are 100 of different companies/organisations who get in the way.
So in what point of your life did you decide that you actually want to be a garbage engineer? I'm still not sure this is what I want to do :)
How do you say "garbage" in Swedish? I want to make sure Ikea isn't playing a cruel trick on me. Sopor.
How efficient is the process? The US has attempted the waste to energy idea before, but the costs never balance out. It started as a way of getting rid of waste. Landfills take up a lot of space and we dont have that much land in Europe compared to the US. You also need a good infrastructure to deliver the energy, we mostly use it for heating homes and that is done by heating the water and sending it through pipes to peoples radiators, it is a lot more efficient than transporting electricity and using radiators that run on that.
Hey trash man, thanks for the ama. 2] In the article, it seemed like they did end up with a small amount of quite concentrated, very toxic ash. What do you do with this stuff in the long term? Like someone already answered it's landfilled or used in concrete/asphalt for roads.
1] Sounds like they scrub the allmighty living shit out of the emissions. What is the worst thing in the remaining emissions, and how does it compare to comparable fossil fuel pollution? 3] What do you do at the plant? One thing that is not removed is Helium unfortunately I dont actually work at the plant, I work with the part that handles the collecting of the garbage, a lot of costumer contact to make sure their waste collection works out and introducing separate collection of organic waste.
Does the trash burn by itself or do you need to mix like fuel or gas? There is no extra fuel added but it needs to be mixed from different sources to get a good mix.
Does the process result in a net energy gain or does more of the added fuel go in then usable heat comes out? And how competitive is the 'price' of the energy gained compared to a normal (commercial?) power-generator (gas, coal, biomass)? Or is it just a 'free' by-product that'd be a shame to waste? Because you have to spend so much money on cleaning out pollution from this mixed fuel it's not as competitive as oil/coal. But since it is as you say a "free" by-product it's better to get the energy from it than putting it in landfills.
3] That's cool you're separating organics... I assume this is getting composted.. how are you doing the composting and what happens to the compost? So you get both the energy and all the minerals from the organic waste and can recycle it.
How did Sweden decide on what land would be used for this imported garbage? What factors were there that might or might not be obvious to someone not in the field or who is a Swede? Some countries like Italy is not very good to get waste from because you can get litterally anything in what is supposed to be household waste (toxic waste etc.) So preferably from a country that has organized collecting the waste but no way of getting rid off it.
And that they are willing to pay us for handling their waste ofc.
I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do. Sweden is quite the role model in this department and I hope that other countries are looking up to you. On that note, what do you think needs to happen to encourage the rest of the world(mostly USA) to get involved with more alternative energy production? Probably the aversion americans have of the state/municipalities. You can do a lot more long term plans like setting up the infrastructure of garbage collecting and energy transportation if it's one big organisation that does it instead of many small ones.
Can you tell us about the negative side effects, if there are any? Negative side is that if you dont invest a lot of money from the start the incineration plant will pollute the air.
Sounds like this would produce a lot of CO2? But i guess engineers are smart enough to measure that etc. What ARE some of the undesireable byproducts? In the fly ash you get a lot of dangerous byproducts and that still needs to go to landfilling because we dont have any good way of recycling it.
It does produce a lot of CO2 but compared to landfill where methane gas is produced you do less harm to the environment.
I thought CO2 had a much longer residence time than methane though? otherwise it sounds good. I just want to know it isn't too good to be true. Would love to see some solid studies about this stuff! Link to
What's the strangest thing you've ever found ? (in garbage) I dont collect garbage myself but one of my colleges who used to do it once found a whole pigs head in a normal garbage bin in an appartment complex.
Om vi sopproducenter kunde göra en sak för att göra ditt och dina kollegors liv enklare, vad vore denna sak? Läsa informationen vi skickar ut och följa den :) Det räcker väldigt långt.
What's the situation with air pollution from the incineration? Straight out the chimney or are the fumes captured and filtered somehow? There is obviously screening for items that are hazardous when burnt, what's the procedure and is it effective? Is it any better, environmentally, to burn the rubbish rather than bury it? It goes through several stages of filtering from electrolysis to good old fashioned filters.
Is "garbage engineer" a degree, or did you major in engineering and minor in garbage? Nah was just a funny title for the thread. But my work title is Planing engineer which is a bit off since I do not have an engineering degree.
Is the feeling of doing something amazing for the benefit of others provide you with a sense of pride and joy like it should? Some days when you solve a problem or done some information campaign that you see result from it feels kind of that way. Some days when nothing works like it should and people have a hard time getting rid of their trash it's anoying as hell.
There is a blockage in my flats waste shoot. Could you send someone to fix it? I am in Vårbergsplan 4, Skärholmen. Sorry dude I work in Malmö.
Isn't Sweden producing massive amounts of air pollution with the method of incineration? Have you heard of plasmafication? Any thoughts on switching to a cleaner, more efficient technology? It's up to the different inciniration plants what way they do it and when they invest in new technology so I'm sure there are plenty of people in Sweden who are looking at it but I'm not sure if anyone is switching over to it at the moment.
This question is more about you being Swedish, and kind of off topic. I'm a Norwegian, and I've always wondered if you guys listen to our music much? I mean, we love your music. Have you heard of/Do you listen to Kaizers Orchestra, Mods, Paperboys, Röyksopp or any other Norwegian bands? I was in Norway this summer for a wedding and we discussed that abit between some swedes and norwegians. I think the conclusion was that you listen to more swedish music than we listen to norwegian.
What do you do when u come across the frequent Swedish corpses from hardcore experimental-bondage gone wrong?!??!! Drink snaps to kill the pain.
Can you please engineer all garbage of the future to flat-pack? No I'm a garbage at engineering.
Malmö is a really beautiful city, but reputed for crime; Do you notice any of it during your everyday life? (Considering moving there someday) No I never notice any reason for the bad rep this city has.
Which do you like better: Volvo or SAAB? SAAB.
Hi, I'm not sure if you are stil answering questions. But I was wondering if you can tell me where to find general information on how Sweden has managed to pull this off and what systems they have put in place. Thank you. Link to
I thought he was just a shitty engineer and was being very honest with himself. Considering that I have no real engineering title then yeah.
Jag talar inte Svenska men jag ville bara säga hej till en Svensk i sitt modersmål. Hej hej!
Tell me everything you know about automated vacuum collection of garbage. CBA doing that on reddit would take too long.
I can tell you it's quite expensive to build and maintain the system. If you think it's worth it go for it!
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2012.08.26 16:40 superost Input from Swedish dudes out there on the vague world of "dejt"-ing in Sweden ?

kära Sweddit,
Ledsen för den personliga tjänsten (och att det hela inte på svenska), men jag behöver din hjälp!
Background: I'm an American woman in my late 20s living in Sweden for about a year, met a guy living in the same city through online dating site who is in his 30s. Both of us are professionals and have lots of music/art/lifestyle stuff in common, and have hung out a few times. We also recently sexy-timed, if that makes any difference.
Sweddit, I think I might really like this dude, but all my experiences with Swedish dudes have made me into a Futurama Fry, where I'm thinking:
"Can't tell if he's completely uninterested...or just Swedish"
For example, I feel like I always have to initiate everything (dates, texting) which have so far been reciprocated 1-1 and our hang outs have been really fun. We are both busy people and can't really meet up spontaneously, but I don't always want to have to be the one to set something up if I want to see him again. For example, after our last hang out, we neglected to make any future plans to meet in person, but I of course haven't heard anything from him to set anything up.
Also, since we are busy people and don't necessarily live that close to each other, is it weird to want him to reach out more via SMS or something (ANYTHING) in the time between hang-outs? Or am I just being an impatient and slightly clingy American?
So, what do you Swedish men out there think? How do you approach moving forward with a girl you're interested in after it's clear she's interested too?
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