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[Table] IAmA: I’m an 82-year old lady who has never been online before, until this week. AMA! (Featuring sidekick Berthel, Sweden’s most digital senior.)

2015.03.06 18:06 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I’m an 82-year old lady who has never been online before, until this week. AMA! (Featuring sidekick Berthel, Sweden’s most digital senior.)

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Date: 2015-03-06
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Why did you want to get online, any benefits for you? Beacuse I had though about learning more, or anything, about the internet but frankly I felt lost before this week began. This project has been such a good way for me to éxpand my horizon. I'm happy about this collaboration :)
Have you looked at any videos on YouTube yet? If so what's your favorite video so far? Here's my favorite! Link to Edited: just saw the extra video on the video. Yes, I saw this video on Youtube of this deaf girl who suddenly, with the help of doctors, could hear. It was amazing, the most moving thing i've seen in a long time! I'll send you the link: Link to But bring out your napkins!
My grandfather is from Sweden and I've always wanted to go and look up any remaining family I may have there. What is the best time of year if I want to see the sights? Any particular places you would recommend? Hi and thank for your lovely question! I would recommend you coming during summertime and going to Skansen if your in Stockholm. Celebrating the holiday Midsommar in the middle of summer is also a great thing to try out! Hope to see you in Sweden! Take care! :) :)
What's the one thing you've done online that makes you think "I really wish I had this when I was younger"? Hi! Thank you for your question! No, I dont think i've tried anything this week that I wish i'd had access to when I was younger. I'm just happy to have been able to learn about Skype and such stuff.
What was most fun during the week? There were lots of things that I thought was fun. My week began with trying out Google and that was something that i really thought was fun and toally new.
What's the worst thing you've seen across the internet? Not really but I saw a music video with a man jumping around being a bit silly, with funny thing on top of his head. But other than that nothing bad or weird!
Have you had to call into tech support yet? Not really but the team from My News Desk have been total angels, so calming and if I had trouble with something, they helped me the best they could.
What is the internet to you? Very much actually, since I got the opportunity to this digital knowledge gap of mine! I feel a little less "gone with the wind".
I just want to say it's such a pleasure, a genuine pleasure to meet you, and be "across the table" from you without leaving my living room... What do you think is the most surprising thing about being your age, and online now, after all this time? Is it any different at your age than being 5 years old? Hi! It was lovely meeting you too! Thank you for everything! I wouldn't say that things were surprising, but I was exited and intrigued by how fast the internet is and how much I didn't know about random stuff. I kinda feel smarter, haha!
Hej Kerstin. Vad tycker du har vart mest intressant med den nyupptäckta världen med internet för din egen del? Hello, Kerstin. What in your opinion has been the most interesting part of this new world of the internet? I really liked Google. It gave me a chance to learn more about searching methods, digital news and lots of art. I really like arts and crafts and Google was a good way to find new art pieces.
Do you see yourself using the computer more now or is it just sort of a novelty? I definitely see myself using the computer, and also the internet, more and in a way that is both for my own enjoyment and for writing my memoirs.
How many cute cat videos have you watched so far? :) Only one so far, but maybe that's something I should check out more! By the way, i've had three cats and three dogs. I love animals.
You used the term "afk" in your description, what's your favorite piece of internet speak so far? What terms do you find the most strange or confusing? Thank you for your question! The only term I remember is "afk", but maybe you know some that I could have try out the next time i'm on Instagram ? :)
How was life without Internet? Hi! It was great and "normal". But now it's a bit more fun and it feels like stepping into a new phase! :) :)
What is your everyday tips to Kerstin? My tip would be encouraging people to read more poetry on the internet. I've found so many brilliant poets!
Hi Kerstin, welcome to the Internet! Now that you have access to YouTube what type of music/bands are you most excited to be listening to? Current and former. I really like classical music but I didn't find any new artist that I like. Oh, just remembered that I like ABBA so i might just listen more to them on Youtube!
Will you continue using Tinder? Thank you for your question.. i'm not sure. I dont know if anybody would find me interesting.
This past week must have been quite the experience for you, what would you have found to be the most difficult aspect of the internet to wrap your head around? Everything has been very pleasant but at the same time very difficult. I'm sure i'll continue learning more about the internet! I'm up for the challenge!
Do you think the world would be a better or a worse place without internet? No, I actually think that the world is better with access to internet. It opens up so many posibilities!
Will you try to buy things online (clothes, furnitures etc)? No, I prefer walking into a store and being able to touch and try on the items I like.
Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? I'd rather fight with 100 ducks the same size as a horse! Weird question though. Haha.
Favorite snack? Yes, after lunch I usually take a piece of chocolate!
Will you buy your own broadband now? Definitely! As I said before - i'm just getting started! :) :)
Kerstin, what weapons did you prefer playing BF3? Haha, I prefer using the helicopter. It was intense! :) :)
Hello Ladies!! All good seniors have an awesome recipe or two that they enjoy making or sharing. Do you have a favorite that you could share with us? I enyoj eating fish, so I would recommend something with fish and curry. Your making me hungry! Haha :)
Will you be watching Netflix now? No, only Youtube :)
Did you meet anyone on Tinder? No, not yet..
have you met anyone yet through this app? No.. not yet!
Hi, Kerstin! Welcome to the internet! Like the world you know so well, it includes all kinds and takes all kinds. My question: Now that you have started your digital journey, what do you think you will get out of it? Now that this door to the largest trove of information, misinformation, and everything in between has been opened for you, what, if anything, is on your to-do list? What are you excited to explore? Second question if you have time: You have access to more information and a greater ability to source and move people and materials at this very moment than any Pharaoh of Egypt, Emperor of Rome, or Khan of Mongolia. Just a few clicks in a few hours can send tons of material and thousands of people into motion all over the world. What does this mean for you? Is it a good thing? I think it will make it easier to find news and to learn about such things I would not normally come in contact with. And what I found to be very exciting exploring was definitely Skype!
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